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What is Wrong With My Running Head?
Understanding APA document format
"Professor Marsha, what is wrong with my Running head? It looks just like the template!"

The Running head is an exasperating component of the APA 6th Edition Title Page. A properly formatted title page in APA format, 6th Edition, has two distinct characteristics -- a separate page from the actual essay and a Running head that is different on the title page from all following pages.

This split screen makes this subtle, yet critical difference very easy
to see:

Title Page

Yes -- the correct term is "Running head," NOT "Running Header." Nor is the "h" capitalized. These characteristics create the challenge in properly developing this part of the APA essay. I have located a number of resources here that demonstrate how to create this very important part of the APA essay in several of the most common formats. I hope this information is helpful!

Word 2007 at this link.

Word 2003 is in this video:

Microsoft Word 2008 and 2011 for Mac in this video:

Google Docs appears to be attempting to add this functionality. But this link to the Discussion Group might be helpful!

Apache Open Office can be view in this video:

More great information at the Purdue University Online Writing Lab

The horse's mouth: American Psychological Association: Running head

I hope you find this information helpful!


Learning should be challenging but not frustrating. I am happy to provide these stress-free suggestions for making your journey to success one to enjoy!

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