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How to Write Powerful Conclusions that
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Student writers often overlook the importance of the introduction and conclusion, and generally save these components to complete after the body of the text is completed. Tossing in a few words to introduce or wrap up a discussion can be detrimental to your entire essay. Both components have very important functions:

The introduction engages the audience. Without proper development, the introduction can actually turn readers away.

The conclusion is just as integral to the story; an effective conclusion encourages readers to continue to engage with the subject matter after the story has concluded.

Effective conclusions play specific roles in writing. They: 1) bring the discussion to a logical (or desired) conclusion, 2) encourage readers to actively respond to the writing, and 3) make the material memorable so readers continue to engage with subject matter long after the story is over.

Many student writers are told to end their essays with a restatement of the thesis within a summary of the overall discussion. While this may bring the essay to a logical conclusion, this technique will not make the material easier to remember or encourage readers to engage with the work in any way.

The following techniques, however, can help you create an effective conclusion that readers will continue to consider long after concluding the reading of your work:

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Come Full Circle

End the Story

Draw A Conclusion

Vision of the Future

Call to Action

Conclusion Style: COME FULL CIRCLE [TOP]

Refer back to the introduction in order to reinforce reader attention on the subject matter and to continue to engage the audience with the topic.

For example...

Introduction: Startling Statistic

Thirty-one states allow rapists to sue for parental rights for children concieved through their actions (Zuckerman, 2012, par. 1)

COME FULL CIRCLE Conclusion Example

While 31 states may still allow rapists tos ue for parental rights (Zuckerman, 2012, par 1)., legislation is finally catching up to compassion and changing this highly punitive law. Contacting a local legislator will help America become a world leader in championing rape victim rights.

Conclusion style: END THE STORY [TOP]

This conclusion technique, like "Come Full Circle" ties the introduction to the conclusion in order to bring proper resolution to the issue presented in the subject matter. This is a particularly effective technique when coupled with the "Put the Audience into the Story" introduction:

After waking in the middle of the night to check on your children, you notice an odd chill in the air.  As you walk to each room checking for open windows, you notice a neatly cut vertical slit in the screen door just inside your slightly opened patio door.  Your heart begins to pound in your chest, cutting each breath you struggle to take.  As you swiftly move to the bedroom of your two small children, you notice that your youngest daughter has been removed.  The only thing left lying in her place is the one-eyed rabbit she clung to every night before drifting off to sleep.

END THE STORY conclusion example:

More parents all over America can be thankful they can safely place their children in their beds each night without concern for losing them while they sleep. The work is not done, however, as several children still disappear from their families each day. Continue to support Amber Alert legislation in local communities so no parents have to face losing a child while slumbering in the safety of their own home.

Conclusion style: DRAW A CONCLUSION [TOP]

In this type of conclusion, a logical conclusion, as the result of the writing, is presented. This provides an opportunity to clarify consequences, results or implications.


The Three-Strikes Law was a response to a desperate situation but it has been twisted to lock even minor offenders away from their families for life.  Legislators must revise this law so that its original intent is applied and that a sense of order is once again restored to the justice system in the state of California.

Conclusion Style: VISION OF THE FUTURE [TOP]

This conclusion technique elaborates on a vision of the future that logically follows as the result of the discusion.


The only and obvious future the lack of sex offender registry supervision will provide is one that is full of families desperately looking for their lost children; children who will be swept away at the hands of unregistered sex offenders who have quietly moved in around the corner, down the street, or right next door.

Conclusion Style: CALL TO ACTION [TOP]

A "Call to Action" conclusion encourages the auidence to actually engage with the subject matter in a specific manner. This is the conclusion style most common to persuasive writing.


Local companies should not be allowed to distribute local jobs around the world for their own gain at the expense of America’s opportunities for prosperity. This used to be the ‘Land of Opportunity’. What is it now, a land to rape and pillage? American citizens should speak up loud and clear that leadership is expected to take control of this outpouring of jobs with clear cut legislation.  ~Student sample, 2004

I hope you find this information helpful!


Learning should be challenging but not frustrating. I am happy to provide these stress-free suggestions for making your journey to success one to enjoy!

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