PARENTS: Your Children Can Not Get a Solid Education
When Your Seat in the Bleachers is Always Empty



This information is simply too important to avoid.

My personal and professional journeys have allowed me to sit in many seats in the education arena. I have served as teacher, administrator, extra-curricular advisor, community liaison for vocational outreach, curriculum developer, integrated academics teacher, consultant and curriculum author, mental health consultant, online instructor, parent, and yes, even student. I have been afforded the opportunity to see many perspectives. It's time to start addressing these issues instead of Tweeting about them.

In addition, Steven and I have raised sons to adulthood, Grant, 21 and Tyler, 18, both of whom are still in involved with lifelong learning and have learned how to remain flexible if recreation themselves becomes necessary in light of outside forces like an economic collapse. While we know that no parenting jobs come with manuals, I adapted much of my education toward teaching into our parenting practices at home.

My wisdom is all I have to offer. I hope it is helpful! 

Dear Parents: We simply cannot do it without you!

No -- the home-school-community team must be fully engaged for there to be any success in learning. We have allowed this issue to lie neglected for far too long trading in policy and red tape for simple good old fashioned meetings of the minds. Finland understands these important concepts and thus has developed a rich culture of learning that provides FREE education to ALL from PreK to graduate school. The result? A 90+ percent graduation rate. I would say that's a model for success.

Too many educators assume parents/guardians are unconcerned about their child's education. Likewise, and for good reason in some cases, parents do not feel welcomed in their child’s schools.  It is clear as to why no one can simply walk into a school for an unannounced visit. Security must be a priority. However, once a valid and official request is made, parents should be treated as VIP cardholders.  Both sides have work to do. 

Parents are an important part of the puzzle. Many issues are blamed upon socio-economic concerns but it costs absolutely nothing to provide a child with encouragement.  Maybe it is difficult to attend every afterschool event but there are ways to help you juggle a few appearances into your busy schedule. There can be no success in school without your assistance.

I am pleased to offer STRAIGHT TALK on what to expect when you attend a meeting at your child's school and familiarize you with terms and information that school oifficials operate under. There is much work to be done but I am tired of Tweeting about possible resolutions. I believe EACH ONE CAN REACH ONE.... so this is my effort to help PARENTS feel COMFORTABLE about coming to the education table for a discussion.

I look forward to working with parents and guardians and am committed to providing sincere and honest advice as it relates to my own experience. No two students learn alike. You must find a parenting and advocating style that is most comfortable for you.  Much success!

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Professor Marsha


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