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Teachers: Do Not Underestimate
Your Power in the Classroom

We often forget what it was like to be students. All students, though some may be older than others, are still children in the classroom. And we are like local celebrities. I realized this early in my career when I purchased some wine for my father one day during my early teacher years. A student stood as the cashier at the only checkout lane. I was faced with an unintended awkwardness I'd never anticipated. My own children believed that I knew everyone. Students like to connect with teachers outside the classroom. They watch us in the community. It is important to remember the great power teachers have in the classroom. So always model the best behavior: laugh, play fair, share, respect each other's things, and remember how painful little matters can be.

I call it the "1 John 4:20 Principle." (A great asset in parenting, too!)

It is just important for teachers to share their best practices. One day, the profession will rise to the level of respect it enjoys in countries such as Finland, where more than 95% graduate each year. It will be important to study the real world experiences of veteran educators instead of fueling standardized tests with data driven research.

Among these pages, you will find a collection of resources, articles, links, and tools that I have used throughout my 20+ year career. There is information on online tools, research assistance, and grading! I have spent hours creating macros in order to provide fair and equitable guidance for my students. Technology has finally answered the call for writing teachers with Grammarly -- a complete editing/plagiarism/writing assessment tool. The Education Coffeehouse has partnered with Grammarly and invites you to a free trial. Just click below. It's a great way to reduce your grading time!

Favorite teachers are still made every day and their words carry for decades! We are the closest things to celebrity that local communities have. Students watch us. They learn from us. The impact we make on their lives and our communities can be positive or negative... and it all begins with us, the teachers. If this is not a role you are willing to accept, I strongly encourage you to seek other career goals because the PAY will not be enough to keep you in education.

Check back often for updates. This is a labor of love so please be patient with the slow but continuous development.

I am happy to provide these stress-free suggestions for making your journey to success one to enjoy!

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~Professor Marsha

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